Duration 3 years - 9 terms
Degree Street Dance Performer Career (2 years)
Performer with orientation in Teaching and Composition (3 years)


3 years – 9 terms.


An innovative concept where our students acquire a comprehensive knowledge for the current artistic paradigm. It is a unique platform in the country run by an interdisciplinary team of the most talented dancers and teachers in Urban Styles, and recognized representatives of other artistic languages. The career it’s organized in 9 hs weekly, distributed in three times a week: Monday’s, Wednesday’s and Friday’s from 10 am to 1:15 pm.


The educational project is focused on forming versatile performers based on the potential development and singularity of each student. This career includes ample training on different Urban Techniques with theoretical, technical and practical classes as well as an improvisation and composition space. This way, the career proposes a comprehensive development contemplating the understanding and learning of Hip Hop, it’s roots and byproducts, and complementary styles.The aim of this career is to form artists who are able to learn, create, perform and improvise through dance. We want our students to develop a personal and professional growth and to have the necessary tools to make their own choreographies, participate in shows, performances and cyphers.


Mandatory audition and one on one interview.

Audition: Applicants will present two brief routines, taught by teachers from the leveling course. They will be practiced repeatedly in groups of five for the teachers and faculty staff. The choreography will reflect two of the styles studied for the leveling course. In the applicants performance we will observe rhythm count, technique, expression and potential for growth. Lastly, applicants will be asked to improvise on the music chosen for the routine. At this stage we will take into account the dancer’s conscious decision process based on a musical frame.

Both the audition and interview are excluding.


Dance & Move offers the possibility to participate in an optional leveling course with the aim to prepare potential students for the audition process and get familiarized with the skills required for the program. The course takes place during February, March, July and November, with classes on different Urban Techniques.This course is not a requirement for auditioning.